Single Fin: The Best Bar and Surf Shop in Uluwatu

When visiting the wonderfully sunny island of Bali, one is rarely at a loss for things to do. The island is culturally rich with vibrant arts and crafts as well as a number of spiritually enriching religious landmarks. However, none of the above holds a candle to the natural beauty of the island. While the Seminyak Beach is renowned for its beautiful sunsets, the Echo Beach is ideal for those who adore surfing. Some of the most beautiful yet relatively unknown beaches include the Perasi Beach also known as the White Sand Beach, Balangan Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Dream Beach, Karma Beach and Finn’s Beach.

While these beaches are often an ardent surfer’s dream come true, the allure and charm of the coastal belt is not restricted to its pristine beaches. Many tourists, travellers and surfers find it delightful to make their way to a beachside bar or pub and enjoy the sunset with a cool beer. In doing so, some of the best bars include Sea Circus in Seminyak, Café Bali also in Semiyak, Single Fin in Uluwatu and Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak.

While most of the good pubs and bars seem to be localised within the confines of Seminyak, this simply makes Single Fin in Uluwatu that much more special. For one thing, Single Fin is located high on a limestone cliff thereby giving it an amazing view of the beach below and the ocean beyond making it one of the best places on the island to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.

Make the experience even better by dropping in on a Sunday night for on Sundays, Single Fin brings its best with live music and a DJ. The food served is delicious, the ambiance is perfect, and the view is spectacular. If you are staying at Bali boutique villas such as Alila Villas Uluwatu you can experience the local nightlife and head to such spots as Single Fin Uluwatu.

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