Snorkelling: A Top Activity in Maldives – Experience the Mesmerising Beauty of the Marine World

snorkeling in maldives

The resplendent isles of Maldives are considered a modern geological miracle; these islands are considered to be the modern remnants of coral reefs or fringing reefs that surrounded ancient volcanoes. Over time, the volcanoes themselves sank into the depths of the Indian Ocean, leaving the reefs above sea level. The tropical climate and its geological structure allowed for the reefs, now known as Atolls to sustain life. It is these 26 Atolls that today make up the Republic of Maldives.

These atolls are home to over one thousand islands of which around one hundred are occupied by luxury hotels in Maldives. These hotels offer their guests the opportunity to explore the wonderful underwater world that has been created by its ancient history: a lush marine world replete with a myriad of species. This world is perhaps enjoyed best by opting for snorkelling and a traveller’s tip that cannot be overstated is to stay at a resort with a good house reef. This gives you the opportunity to snorkel without much hassle. If you choose to explore the numerous sites ideal for snorkelling, ensure that you snorkel at Manta Point and Shark Point. If you feel sufficiently adventurous, see if you can explore a shipwreck as well – an ideal option would be the Hambadhu Shipwreck located near PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi Maldives. Other iconic shipwrecks include Maldives Victory in the North Male Atoll, Kuda Giri found close to Male and the British Loyalty, one of the few ships that were sunk during the Second World War.

During a snorkelling expedition, expect to see a variety of marine life such as Giant Clams, Whale Sharks, Clown Triggerfish, Octopus, Hawksbill Turtles and Manta Rays. Such sightings will often depend on which reef or area you choose to snorkel in, but the coral reefs are usually teeming with wildlife and thus, you are bound to see a variety of marine species wherever you explore.

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