Snorkelling in Ari Atoll – A Wonderful Way to Experience the Colourful Marine Life in Maldives

Located upon ancient coral reefs which were arranged around prehistoric volcanoes, the Republic of Maldives is easily one of the most beloved holiday destinations in the world. Enhancing the gloriously relaxing vacation one often dreams of are the Maldives luxury resorts built with easy access to the ocean to facilitate marine activities such as snorkelling. The beautiful coral reefs of the islands are replete with a multitude of marine species that are often marvelled by divers and snorkelling in Maldives is especially attractive to the ardent diver hoping to snatch a rare glimpse at marine species such as the Napoleon Wrasse.

The islands host around seventy coral reefs that are called home by over seven hundred marine species ranging from Dogtooth Tuna and Butterfly Fish to Hammerhead Sharks and Manta Rays. While the former is best seen when snorkelling in other Atolls, the latter can be experienced by tourists staying in Ari Atoll resorts such as W Retreat & Spa Maldives.

Holidaymakers, who have never had the opportunity to indulge in the wonderful snorkelling experience, can do so with special equipment that the resorts would be happy to provide. With a trusty mask to facilitate underwater breathing, not forgetting to indulge in a few applications of sun screen and perhaps, even a Lycra suit that will help in protecting one’s skin from minor scratches caused by the coral reefs, snorkelling is an exciting yet relaxing experience.

It is no secret that the coral reefs provide the best sites to snorkel in Maldives as the reefs are home to a vast variety of marine species. While the daring few can swim alongside Whale Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks in the Ari Atoll, others can observe Octopus, Turtles, Anemones and Eels in abundance as they flit in and out of the reefs, not to mention the extremely colourful species of small fish that make the reefs come alive.

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