Snorkelling in Maldives – Exploring the World’s Best Ocean Garden

Lying in the vast Indian Ocean are the picture-perfect Maldive islands. Scattered across 35,000 square miles, Maldives has over 1000 tropical islands that boast of white sands bordering breathtaking turquoise waters. World-renown for luxurious beachside resorts and calm and clear waters, Maldives is the ultimate beachside getaway. Home to the world’s best-kept coral reefs many Maldivian resorts including, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa , offer diving excursions to nearby coral reefs.

Boasting over 70 percent of the world’s 500 coral species, the coral reefs that surround Maldives have a vibrant ecosystem that is home to over 700 species of fish and aquatic animals and colourful marine fauna. With year-round good weather and calm waters, the house reefs that surround most Maldivian islands are popular snorkelling sites and many Maldives Diving Resorts offer boat trips to remote islands that have the most breathtaking un-disturbed reefs. However in most instances, the reefs are a step away from the beach while further away from the shore, the sea bed declines dramatically allowing for deep-sea diving. The most beautiful coral gardens can be found just before the sea bed dips into the deep ocean. Here the reef’s ecosystem is rich with biodiversity and eye-catching coral formations. Enjoy a day swimming among turtles and colourful fish and glimpse rare giant Napoleon Wrasse, Eels and Stingrays and at night you might be lucky to witness sleeping whales and sharks.

Underwater visibility is vital for an enjoyable snorkelling expedition, and the warm weather from January to March offers not only calm waters but also crystal-clear visibility up to 50 meters. A guest at one of Maldives beachside resorts can hire the hotel’s snorkelling gear and amateurs can be given a short course on snorkelling by the hotel’s experienced diving instructors. Are you ready to snorkel? Apply ample waterproof sunscreen lotion, adorn your diving gear and step into the pristine waters to enjoy an afternoon among the island’s coral reefs and if time permits, explore the intriguing shipwrecks at Angsana Ihuru and Filitheyo house reefs.

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