Sri Lanka’s Main Sea Bathing Spot – Mount Lavinia Beach – A beach like no other!

A breezy yet beautiful beach of Mount Lavinia is one of the most famous sea bathing spots in Sri Lanka. Read on to know more about this wonderful beach strip.

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This is certainly an idyllic beach that which is located near the city of Colombo. The beach boasts a serene outlook and it is an excellent place to spend some quality time with your loved ones and let off some steam.

Things to do and attractions near the beach

You can go for a swim, play on the sand and work on your tan lying down on the beach. The beach is also surrounded by a number of restaurants where you can grab a quick drink or a complete meal with your family and small boutique shops that sell swimwear and inflatable toys and snacks.

Things to remember

One of the most important things you should remember is that the waves at the beach are very unpredictable. Even though there are coast guards on the beach at all times you should be very cautious when getting into the water. Being a tropical beach the sun can get very intense during the daytime so it is recommended that you wear sunblock and bring a hat if you plan on visiting the beach during the day

Getting there and accommodation facilities

Being a popular tourist destination, you can reach the beach easily by a tuk-tuk or a Taxi from almost any part of the city of Colombo. It will be even easier if you are stationed at a hotel in Mount Lavinia the likes of Siddhalpa Anarva which is a subsidiary of Siddhalepa Resorts Spas & Hospital.


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