Strolling down Doha’s Captivating Seaside Promenade – Corniche Bay

Doha is a nation on the brink of transforming in to a global city the likes of neighbouring Dubai. A city state that is redefining its place and presence on the world stage both as an economic powerhouse and a metropolitan city for the masses, Doha is bustling with activity like never before.

Though infested with its fair share of resorts and sky scrapers, the country still retains an identity all on its own and that’s what makes this sunny nation a treasure trove full of touristic potential. And nowhere is Doha’s rising popularity more evident than at its breathtaking seaside promenade Corniche Bay. Running across a stretch of seven kilometres along the sun kissed shorelines of the Arabian Gulf, Corniche Bay can be described as Doha’s version of Central Park in New York. A firm favourite among tourists, locals and expatriates, it is a beautifully landscaped parkland cum promenade that suits every kind of leisurely activity. Guests can cycle, rollerblade or simple go for a relaxing afternoon walk amidst the panoramic views the bay afford of the city. With Doha’s opulent cityscape filled with towering skyscrapers and the gushing ocean as a backdrop, families and couples find this peaceful region of the city ideal for picnics and celebrations. Visitors also have the option of sampling local treats at the restaurants located along the bay which include some of the most popular eateries in the city. A whole range of gastronomical delights await those who tread along the bay as the venue’s sea breeze and heavy ambience is ideal for enjoying a scrumptious meal.

Renowned for its lush atmosphere, several parks are also part of Corniche Bay’s retinue. Picturesque Al Rumaila is perhaps the most frequented park in the locale for its lush, green, well-kept surroundings while other highlights to admire at include statuettes such as the colossal Oyster and Pearl statue and a monument of the 2006 Asian Games mascot Orry. The venue is also home to the Water Pots fountain which is conveniently located near the Museum of Islamic Art while nearby Palm Tree Island is also visible from Corniche Bay.

Travellers on the lookout for a luxurious Doha hotel need not look any further than the elegant Millennium Hotel Doha. Pleasantly situated within close proximity to attractions such as Al Saad Sports Club (2.4km) and the National Theatre (6.4km) this conveniently located rest is also within walking distance of Centre Point Shopping Mall.

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