Sunset Fishing In Maldives – Experience the most breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, while fishing.

Arguably the oldest profession in the Maldives, fishing is among the most rewarding activities made available to the active traveler. Those who might rank themselves as talented fishermen with a sixth sense for good fishing spots would find it a worthy challenge to test the plentiful waters of the Indian Ocean for an impressive catch. A sunset in Maldives is a photographer’s dream holiday destination, illuminated with impeccable lighting, during most of the year. Some of the locations in this corner of the world are breathtaking to say the least. One can hop aboard a dhoni and take a ride along the alluring ocean, and enjoy the magical sunsets, soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of the surroundings and enjoy fishing. Maldives is known for their breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and sunset fishing. One of the Best Maldives Resorts is the Chaaya Island Dhonveli hotel, which is located right in front of the alluring ocean, offering gorgeous views of the sparkling blue sea for any guest. It offers the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation amongst a tranquil setting. One can experience a holiday full of memories that will last a lifetime, from seafood, fresh out of the dhonis to signature European delicacies, and international buffets in the lavish restaurants.

When the seas are teeming with fish, local fisherman cast out small nets combined with luck and good timing yield entire schools of small fish. Going out to sea in the evening just before the sunsets on a perfect day in the tropics is a rather peaceful time which not only is a great time to patiently wait for your next catch enjoying the spectacular setting but is also very relaxing as you find yourself in the midst of a breathtaking natural masterpiece canvassed with dreamy pastel shades. The tour guide with help out with the basics of fishing, and once a sizable catch is made, the chefs at the Chaaya Island Dhonvelli will be more than happy to whip up a scrumptious meal out of the fresh catch.

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