Terrigal Beach, a delightful leisure highlight

The suburb of Terrigal in New South Wales is an appealing place to visit offering many attractions for the visitor. If you desire Terrigal beach hotels an outstanding choice would be Country Comfort Terrigal. This well-reputed hotel offers tasteful accommodations with polite hospitality. Terrigal has become a popular resort with many leisure and social attractions that will entice the visitor.

Visitors to the area will find that Terrigal Beach is a delightful place to spend leisure hours. This alluring area of beachfront is marked by a column of mature Norfolk pine trees which stretches along the local Esplanade. Visitors should make it a point to take a leisurely stroll to the distinctively shaped landmark which is called the Skillion.

The Skillion is undoubtedly the best-known local landmark, featuring a sheer cliff that faces the ocean waters and rises to a lofty point which offers enjoyable panoramic views over the local landscape. This lookout point may be easily reached by visitors and is well worth the enjoyable stroll.

As you might expect there are many pleasurable activities that may be enjoyed in the environs of Terrigal Beach. These include swimming, surfing, waterskiing, boating and fishing. Angling enthusiasts will find a host of attractive game fish in the local waters, including snapper, jewfish and flathead in the offshore waters as well as blackfish, bream and flathead in the surf areas.

The picturesque beauty and the balmy local climate make Terrigal Beach a delightful place to spend leisure hours. At the southern extremity of the Esplanade you will find a charming rock pool which is ideal for children. If you desire to replenish your energies you will find a selection of excellent beachfront restaurants and cafes lining the area.

In proximity to the beach you will find the picturesque Wamberal and Terrigal Lagoons as well as a protected sanctuary for local animals and birds. These features add to the beauty of the area.

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