The Extraordinary Beaches in Uluwatu – Experience the Exotic

Bali comes to life with its beaches. The very popular region of Uluwatu in Bali offers a myriad of breathtaking attractions that are both natural and spiritual.

Padang Padang Beach

Most travellers reach Padang Padang beach to explore its surfing areas. The beach will come into sight when you are headed towards the north-western coast of Bukit Peninsula. There will be travellers simply unwinding on the beach along with others occupied with capturing the picturesque elements of the beach.


If relaxation is what you are looking for there is no better beach in Uluwatu than the Blue Point. Located somewhat west of Padang- Padang, this secluded strip of coastline also known as Sulubun beach is calm, quiet and absolutely tranquillizing.

Bingin Beach

Although the beach is quite famous for swimming and snorkelling, it is also a great place for unwinding a heavily tired day. If you are planning on surfing here, you can base yourself in a Bali surf resort the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort which offers close proximity to the beach.

Dreamland Beach

This beach is located in Pecatu Graha; it is surrounded by many luxuries such as world-class resorts and the New Kuta Golf Course. The place is very popular amongst tourist for its attractions of games, sports and loads of fun in the sun.

File:Dreamland Beach (Bali, Indonesia).jpg

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