The Lesser Known Beauty of Calido Beach, Kalutara – Where the River Meets the Sea

Calido Beach was a relatively well-kept secret beach until recently and thus remains an unspoiled stretch of beauty along the estuary of the Kalu River in Kalutara. It is a mere 10-minute drive from places like Mermaid Hotel & Club and is derived from the Spanish word for ‘warm’ which is appropriate.


Kites | Image Credit : Aarondoucett, Pairs kites, CC BY-SA 3.0

Warm Beach

The beach is perched strategically on the place where the Kalu river meets the Indian Ocean. The estuary creates a small bay which is where the beach is positioned. It is a strategically placed thing of beauty.

Fishermen and their Catches

For the best experience, Calico Beach should be visited in the evening. You can do this from any of the major Kalutara hotels in the area. The fishermen use the estuaries natural waterways to bring in their catches and you can watch the rhythmic hoisting of nets and their melodious voices ringing together as they call out in tune to the hauling.

Kids Flying Kites

You can also watch children fly kites on the strong winds which are perfect for the recreational event. You might even be able to buy a kite from the recent stalls that have popped up in the area.

A Lesser Known Fort

There was once a fort in Kalutara but there are only ruins now. It’s still worth a visit if you like colonial architecture. There are also many coconut plantations nearby you can watch toddy being collected for processing into arrack if you visit one of them.

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