The Strand, Townsville

The Strand is a first class seaside foreshore custom built for recreation in the city of Townsville in Australia. When you are at the Strand you get a magnificent view of the Port of Townsville, Magnetic Island as well as the Cape Cleveland.

For those who are seeking accommodation in Townsville, the Oaks Gateway on Palmer is a fantastic choice. Ideally positioned on the most sought after location in the city, the Palmer Street it is amongst the top Townsville holiday apartments. You will be pleasantly surprised by the premium accommodation that is in store for you at this modern hotel apartment. You find a spacious two to three bedroom self-contained apartments with kitchen and laundry facilities along with separate lounge and dining areas. All areas are tastefully designed with the latest amenities to make your stay comfortable. The hotel is conveniently located close to the main attractions in the city, including the Strand.

The Strand is an ideal spot for the whole family. Along the palm tree studded stretch you find bike and walkway paths, swimming facilities, beaches, recreational park, cafes and bars along with breathtaking water views. You can have some fun with your loved ones at the water park, if you enjoy fishing this is the best place to try your hand at fishing off the pier. You can enjoy some jogging and walking too. If your plan is to not do anything at all then you can simply let go and laze on one of Australia’s cleanest beaches with the best views.

Since there are plenty of dining spots here. You can enjoy a delicious meal before you head back home once you are done enjoying the essence of this beautiful location. You can even have your own picnic since you get quite number of picturesque picnic spots here.

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