The Tangalle Beach – Beauty of Southern Sri Lanka

When you look at the best beaches in Sri Lanka, one cannot forget the Tangalle beach. If you are wondering why, read on to find out.

The beach

Located in the southernmost tip of the island, the Tangalle beach has the advantage of having a curved view. When you set foot on the beach and look out, all you see is water on all three sides.


Unlike the other tourist-oriented beaches in Sri Lanka, Tangalle isn’t crowded. Even if it is popular, the beach always has a look of emptiness and a calming atmosphere about it. You can lounge and chill to your heart’s content at this beach whenever you feel like it.

Hotels near the beach

Many luxury hotels in Tangalle are close to the Tangalle beach, and Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle and a few other resorts have their own coveted private beach spots in Tangalle.

Attractions Nearby

The Hummanaya blowhole is close by. This is the only recognized blowhole in Sri Lanka and one of its initial descriptions was by R.L Brohier who described it in his book ‘Seeing Ceylon’ back in 1965. People also consider this to be the second biggest blowhole in the world.

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