Turtle Quest in Turquoise Waters – Sea Turtle Conservation

Recently, thanks to the championing of conservation and eco-friendly resorts, the Maldives is fast becoming a haven for Sea Turtle Conservation. The South Ari Atoll is considered a hotspot for many species of marine animals so you can stay with a Maldives luxury resort the likes of Amaya Kuda Rah Maldives and arrange for a snorkelling tour.

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Sea Turtles in the Maldives

Five out of the seven known turtle species can be found in Maldivian waters. All of these species are in some way in the IUCN listed as endangered. The most common species are the Hawksbill turtle and the Green turtle. Apart from these, you would be able to spot Loggerhead and Leatherbacks, an occasionally, Olive Ridley turtles but only when they’ve been caught in nets and drift into Maldivian waters.


Government endorsed programmes with the aid of Maldivian resorts developed a plan that has three stages of turtle conservation; photo identification and satellite tracking, rehabilitation of injured turtles and protecting turtle nests and nursery for injured or sick hatchlings.

Turtle Rehabilitation

Most of the turtles in rehabilitation in the are Olive Ridley turtles who are quite small compared to the others. They’re susceptible to being caught in nets that drift out into the ocean. The Maldives does not use the net anymore.
Once the turtles are rescued, they are sent through stages of rehabilitation before they’re finally released back into the ocean. They’re also fitted with trackers so they can continue to provide a better understanding of the creatures in their natural habitats, travels and breeding habits.

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