Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka – One of the Most Iconic Beaches of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, being a tropical island, has a plethora of spectacular beaches to offer. Unawatuna beach however consistently remains as one of the most popular coastal retreats in the country.

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka,Gane,(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Introduction to Unawatuna

Where the beaches towards the south of Sri Lanka are concerned, Unawatuna is definitely the most popular. The beach’s secluded tranquillity and gentle waters make it an ideal destination for a family outing.

Eco Tourism

One of the most prominent aspects of Unawatuna is eco-tourism due to its remarkable biodiversity. There’s an astonishing range of birds to be seen here, as well as endangered sea-turtles.


Due to the heavily touristic nature of this place there’s no shortage of places to stay. You can discover many budget lodgings, eco-resorts, and various hotels in Weligama with examples such as We Escape so there’s no shortage of accommodation.

Activities and Attractions

One of the most rewarding ventures you can undertake when in Unawatuna is exploring beneath her waters, either by scuba-diving or snorkelling. If you’re a foodie, then there’s a plethora of restaurants situated in the region and they are renowned to serve some of the freshest seafood available. The Kingfisher and Jina’s Vegetarian Restaurant are two of the more popular eateries of Unawatuna.

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