Visit the Largest Mosque in the Maldives – A holistic place of Worship

Be mesmerised by the intricate architecture, sink into the tranquil ambience and experience a sense of absolute peace. Visit the largest mosque in the Maldives for a unique and holistic experience!

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nattu, Malé Mosque, CC BY 2.0


The Maldives is purely an Islamic country and it is home to a myriad of mosques. Among the many, one stands out from the rest with its unique outlook and size, it is the mosque commonly known as the Old Friday mosque which dwarfs the others in terms of architecture and popularity.

Why should consider visiting the mosque?

There are two things which make visiting this mosque a worthwhile experience. First is the architecture; the Mosque’s structure has been entirely built from coral stones with intricate carvings and the interior boasts stunning lacquer and woodworks. The second is the serene and tranquil ambience that the building has; it will certainly be nothing like anything you have felt and will be an experience that will stay close to your heart for a lifetime.

Visiting the mosque

Visiting the mosque requires getting approval from the ministry of cultural affairs, however, on rare occasions, if you are dressed modestly and a have little luck you might also be allowed to visit the mosque on the spot.

Getting there

Travelling around the islands of Maldives is an exciting experience as you get to travel in seaplanes and speed boats. If you have planned to stay at a resort like Dhigali Maldives you can book your desired transportation option to the mosque from the resort itself.



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