Visit World 6th Best Beach – Startling Shoreline of Seychelles

There must be a thousand beaches all around the world that are adored by locals and foreigners and they must all have their own unique traits which make them stand out. However, few beaches win accolades for their beauty and exquisiteness. Not long ago, a group of ardent followers of the Anse Lazio beach in Praslin Seychelles voted it the sixth best beach in the world, thus giving wings to the touristic opportunities on the island.
What seemed to have captured the hearts and minds of people more than anything else are the translucent shades of the waves, the tranquillity and peace in the area and the eternal elegance of the waves irrespective of the time of the day or the weather conditions. Needless to say visiting this shoreline is foremost among the things to do in Praslin for any discerning visitor, hence the hotels located along the shore itself and those which are in proximity such as the Berjaya Praslin Resort are of interest.

There is a large population of sea creatures in the waters close to the shore, therefore Anse Lazio is recommended for snorkelling. The clear waters allow snorkelers unprecedented views of the underwater world and they enjoy being in the cool water with the warm rays of the sun beating on their backs. The honeymooners love holding hands, strolling along the beach and perching themselves on one of the red granite boulders that lend some dreamy aura to the atmosphere.
Nestled amidst two small mountain peaks, the powder fine sand, the light blue and splashy water is nothing short of impeccable. The only misgiving the locals and the tourists have is that it is only half a kilometre in length. Anse Lazio is half a kilometre of pristine perfection, unmarred by human construction but heavily patronized by thousands of people, especially during the weekends.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.

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