What to Pack for a Maldives Trip – For More Enjoyment in Paradise!

Excited about an impending trip to the Maldives? The lazy days by the shore you long for will come soon enough, so just take a quick break and see if you’ve got the below items covered!

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Chances are you will be spending loads of time in the sun; this is especially true if staying at resorts like Kurumba Maldives that offer beachside villas. Make sure to pack ample sunscreen with an effective SPF factor rating. The last thing you want is to suffer from severe sunburn!

Sunhat and Sunnies

Of course, all that sun can be a bit too much sometimes. When at your Maldives resort, wear a good sunhat which offers proper shade for your face and sunglasses to cut out any harsh glare that can reflect off the water too.

A Dry Bag

Apart from in the sun, you are bound to spend time in and around water. This is why having a dry bag is handy since it will help keep items like your phone, camera or even clothing, safe and water free.

Smart Casual Attire

You may choose to have a dressed-up dinner or enjoy some fine dining at your resort. In such instances, it’s always good to wear something stylish which lends to the “magic” of the experience.

Waterproof Camera

If you have such a camera, remember to pack it and if not, maybe consider purchasing one. The coral and marine life in Maldives is well worth capturing digitally; you may even get some selfies with a fish or two!




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