What to Remember when You’re Planning a Beach Getaway to Sri Lanka – Attention all beach bums!

Home to an impressive and scenic coastline that is fringed in coconut palms, Sri Lanka is a paradise isle that will make an ideal destination for your beach getaway. Read on to know about things you should remember when you are planning a beach getaway to Sri Lanka.

Know the seasons

Different parts of Sri Lanka receive rain during different times of the year, so it is necessary to know the forecast before you head out to the beach. The ideal times to visit the beaches in the northern regions of the country is from December to March and the southern region is April to September.

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Image Credit: South Lake Resort

Ready your gear and supplies

Most of the beaches in Sri Lanka are surrounded by clear waters that are ideal for snorkelling and many other water sports such as surfing and scuba diving. You can rent your gear at surrounding surf shops or you can even bring your own. Also bring along the essentials such as a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats since the tropical weather sometimes can be unforgiving.

Book your accommodations in advance

Since Sri Lanka is a popular travel destination, finding accommodations can be a bit difficult during peak season. So, it is always better to plan your stay in advance. You can also take advantage of early bird offers at resort properties the likes of South Lake Resort.

Always keep a note of nearby attractions

Do a bit of research and select your beach destination considering the nearby attractions. A recommended city to consider visiting is Galle. Attractions here are plenty and you also get a beautiful beach to unwind and relax.

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Image Credit: South Lake Resort

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