Witness Spectacular Sunsets over the Indian Ocean in Maldives

Imagine this; a soothing tropical breeze caresses your hair, the sea all around you shimmers and then lo and behold one of Nature’s greatest phenomena fills your eyes- the dazzling Maldivian sunset! Your dream Maldives holiday is not complete without experiencing this absolutely beautiful sunset and the best way to enjoy it, is by a sunset cruise.
Now you’re wondering “how do I book a sunset cruise?” No worries, if you check into a Maldives resort hotel, like the popular and prestigious Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, you will be able to find sunset cruises among the range of amenities they offer. Most of these cruises set-off between 6-6.30 pm so after feasting your eyes with the glorious sunset you can opt to have dinner in the yacht itself as a typical journey takes about two hours.
For lovebirds seeking out a romantic escape in Maldives, a sunset cruise is an ideal way to snuggle up to each other and enjoy one of Nature’s most beautiful sights at the same time. The traditional Maldivian Dhoni is an ideal vessel for couples as it offers privacy and romance as you two will be the only passengers in the vessel. The handcrafted Dhoni utilises lateen sails and with the absence of a motor a bit of old world charm is added to your experience.
The Maldivian Sunset Cruise will be a delightful recreation for wildlife enthusiasts as during the journey you will get to see quite a lot of fascinating creatures such as somersaulting dolphins! These friendly mammals are a common sight on Sunset cruises and you can see a variety of these adorable species such as bottle-nosed dolphins, spinners and stripper dolphins to name a few. Other than dolphins you will also get to see whales, eagle rays and turtles during your wondrous Sunset Cruise.

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