A Guide to Mahé Island in Seychelles – Prepare for Wonder!

Visiting Seychelles is an incredible experience which gives you a variety of sights to behold. Check out this guide for the basics of visiting its popular Mahe Island.

1) What to do

For most, coming here is all about lounging on the beaches which is completely understandable once you see its pristine white sand and perfect weather. If you’re craving some excitement, however, you can easily go kayaking, rock climbing or even scuba diving.

2) What to expect

Ninety per cent of the country’s population lives in Mahe, even so, it is far from crowded. Home to a diverse array of people, their culture is dynamic and one that is unlike anything found elsewhere.

3) Where to stay

If you’re looking for a hotel, Seychelles has an array of great accommodation options to choose from that include popular international chains. Berjaya Hotels and Resorts is one such example.

4) Getting around

Travelling all around Mahe is relatively easy via its efficient public transport system. Besides the buses, you could easily walk or hail a taxi as well.

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