Beach Excursions in Salalah – The Shoreline of the Desert Dunes

Salalah Beach Buggy Oman

Beach Buggy Riding in Salalah | Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

The next time your heart yearns for a vacation by the beach and you seat yourself to browse through the places to stay in tropical countries add Salalah hotels in to your search. You would be amazed by the coastal experience that Salalah, the city of banana plantations in the south of the Sultanate of Oman has to offer.

Unlike typical Middle Eastern destinations, Salalah actually has plenty of vegetation, greenery and the Arabian sea just off the shore is not only beautiful but teeming with dolphins. Further, the experience proffered by Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara and the other exquisite holiday homes well deserve all the accolades that come their way.

The beach along Salalah is well sheltered by palms that the locals have taken immense effort to grow and nurture in a systematic row.

Nevertheless, sun bathing is definitely on the cards, but it can be scorching, therefore gear yourself with a good bottle of sun screen before you step on to the glistening white sand that crumbles beneath your gentle treads. Swimming may not be advisable though wading is an option as long as the coast guard has signaled it to be a safe day.

Have yourself waited on; enjoy fresh fruit juices and light snacks before you hop into a cruise that would take you away in to the sea to witness the frolicking and meandering of unsuspecting dolphins.

If you pack in some bait, a bit of lunch and rent a fishing rod, a similar cruise could take you to engage in a spot of fishing. Once you return in the late afternoon with your catch, hand it over to a local chef who would convert it to a smacking dish for your whole family and set sail just before sun set to admire the last dashes of the golden rays that prevailed all day.

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