Beaches In Thailand – Discover The Breathtaking Beauty

When travelling to Thailand, a favourite excursion is of course to delve into the exciting shopping arcades and markets that the country has to offer. However, that is not all, if tourists to Thailand are also thinking of getting a tan, then the city will not disappoint.

Thailand has many beaches to choose from and locations that offer breathtaking scenery and crystal clear blue water at your feet, the perfect way to begin your vacation. The region of beach coastlines in Bangkok stretches across the Southern Coast and the South West Coast. Of course, those who are looking to stay close to the mainland, would not be disappointed as Thailand offers beach frontage in areas like Pattaya, Hua Hin and Bang Saen.

The following is a look at some of the more patronized and lesser-known beautiful beaches in Thailand. To start off with, there are the Koh Samui Beaches. The beaches in Koh Samui are known to be among the most picturesque and tranquil, travellers to these beaches can bask underneath the shady trees and enjoy the calm breeze.

The Lamia Beach situated on Koh Samui is another peaceful location. But for those tourists who are within the vicinity and are looking to get a piece of the activity that these beaches have to offer then, the Chaweng beach located in Samui is the place to visit to indulge in the action.

Next on our list of beaches to visit in Thailand, is the Cha Am Beach. The Cha Am Beach is a little over 150km towards the south of the city of Bangkok. So the location makes it ideal for those who are looking to stay close to the city, but would like to get away to the beach for a weekend. Another plus point about the beach in Am Cha is that its also located quite close to some historical places as well, making it a popular choice for those on their summer vacation to get a tan as well as experience the culture.

The Southern coastlines of Thailand’s beaches are frequently visited mainly due to the exquisite beach front accommodation available for travellers. Accommodation available at the Anantara Hua Hin, Thailand is an experience that will live in one’s memory long after the vacation is over. This hotel unlike other Hua Hin resorts has beautifully pieced together traditional Thai pavilion rooms amidst a setting that has a touch of that old charm. What is more, unlike the other Hua Hin hotels it feels as if one were transported back to a traditional Thai village that boasts beautiful settings and tranquillity.

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