Best beaches of Sri Lanka – An aid to deciding where to visit

All beaches in Sri Lanka are an absolute delight to visit! it is quite difficult to specify which takes the title of ‘the best’ beach in Sri Lanka as each of them are unique and intriguing in its own way. The weather, however, will play a major role when it comes to actually enjoy the beach in Sri Lanka.

Bentota Beach| Img by: Hafiz Issadeen via Flickr,CC BY-ND 2.0


Beaches in the west

The many beaches on the western coast of the island begin from Colombo and end in Galle. These are some of the most famous beaches mainly for the amazing waves and wide sandy shores with cerulean waters that sparkle in the sunlight. One of the most popular beaches here is Bentota beach. In case you are thinking about selecting a resort in Bentota, there are many popular resorts to choose from such as AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa.

Beaches in the south

The most famous beaches in the south are Galle and Mirissa. Galle is mostly famous for the Galle fort that has been around for many years. Mirissa beach has beautiful turquoise waters and is a certainly a lovely bay. Here in the south too, there are many accommodation options available. Also, there is the opportunity to go whale watching, however, this is only during certain months of the year.

Beaches to the east

The Trincomalee beach is the most famous beach here, however, accommodation options may not be all that plentiful here. There are more lovely beaches like Upaveli and Nilaveli beaches. Not to mention, the amazing isolated beaches known as the Jungle Beach is a hotspot with both locals and tourists.

Best time to visit

The best time to enjoy southern or western beaches to the maximum would be from December right up to April when the weather is warm and great in these areas. The best weather is seen from late July to September. The eastern beaches of Sri Lanka, on the other hand, are best visited from May to September. The ideal weather here is present from February to April.



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