Combining luxury with culture in the Maldives – Rich in luxury: rich in culture

A vacation spent in the Maldives can be interesting and memorable mainly because of the luxury element to it. May it be the hotels you stay at or the cruises you take, all of them are combined with a sense of utmost luxury. But have you ever noticed that this luxury is always mixed with its rich culture?

Image credit- Pixabay,12019 ,CC0

Dine and wine

Many a Maldives beach resort has its own restaurant and bar. All of them facilitate buffets that seem to be very luxurious. But, have you ever thought how much they have thought to combine Maldivian cultural elements in their menus? Tuna salads and rotis are from their local cuisine and still, they are served at all good hotels.

Relaxing on the sand

Lying on the sandy beaches is one of the most relaxing activities one could do in the Maldives, and while you have your own time you can experience the Maldivian culture from all around. You see fishermen engaged in their fishing activities and then the local families having their joyous times together close by the beaches.

Cultural excursions

The Maldives has many islands in it, and the cultures among these islands can have slight differences. Favourite resorts on the island the likes of Faarufushi Maldives have facilitated different excursions, and while these will deeply focus on diving and snorkelling experiences, they will also give good insights into the individual cultures of these islands.


May it be the spa or yoga moments that you have for yourself, Maldives will subtly add its cultural touch on all your experiences. The oils used at the spas and the postures trained at the yoga sessions will have some relation with the Maldivian culture if you take a close look!

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