Corals in the Maldives – The Beauty in the Blues

MDC SeaMarc Maldives, Chromis viridis MaldivesCC BY-SA 4.0

Maldives has some of the best views both above and under water, and this is a well-known fact among the bucket list travellers of the world.


History says that the atolls were fringing reefs around a volcanic island and after years of nature having her way, the sea level rose and the corals went underwater. Maldives itself is a part of a massive underwater mountain range and has colourful corals around the rims of the volcanic mountains. A typical luxury resort in Maldives rests on top of an ancient volcano too.


Coral polyps are invertebrates, an organism that belongs to the jelly fish and anemones family. Think of them as translucent animals who love warm and clear waters. Hard corals are formed with calcium found in seawater and these reefs cover less than one tenth of a percent of the sea bed. Endangering corals is a real issue as they protect islands and coasts from storms, wave damage, and erosion. If you want to dive down under and take a look at these vivid creatures, all you have to do is ask the resort you are staying at to help you out as places like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort offer diving activates to its visitors.

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