Cultural Experiences in The Maldives – For a while, be Maldivian for once in your lifetime

Exploring the Maldives is to absorb the culture and traditions in it for a while and enjoying the moments. Although the country is famous as a holiday destination for the best moments of leisure, relaxation and water sports, you really can enjoy its cultural aspect too.

Image credit- Pixabay,sharonang ,CC0

The adorable food cultures

You may think that the Maldivian food culture is all about seafood, but it’s not. Yes, you find tuna in many of your meals even if you dine at popular tourist resorts the likes of Huvafen Fushi Maldives but there are several other local options such as Roti, Rice you could eat with coconut.

The local lifestyles

There are several Maldives Island Resorts that you can book for your stays at the Maldives, and this does not mean that you miss the chance of exploring the local lifestyles of the people in the country. Most of the resorts provide cultural cruises in their packages through which you can have some quality time mingling with the locals.

Attractive sites to pay visits to

When it comes to the cultural sites in the country, the National Art Gallery and the National Museum top the lists. The arts and culture of the country can be clearly explored at the Art Gallery especially, and if you wish you can also visit some important Mosques there such as the Grand Friday Mosque.

The traditional clothing

If you get the chance of having a visit to villages in the country, you will see that most of the men wear sarongs with long-sleeved shirts. This is their traditional costume and mostly they have them in cotton. Women wear a dress called ‘Libbas’ which is long and unique in style.


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