Deep Sea Fishing in Mirissa – A glimpse into the life of local fisher folk

The southern coast of Sri Lanka, home to a gloriously golden stretch of beaches that are quite well known for their beach parties and festivities, welcomes the traveller with offers so bountiful and unlike any that are offered at any other destination. The tropical waters of the Indian Ocean lap away at the sand and invite you to tread its surface and indulge in a unique experience of deep sea fishing – a mode of livelihood of the local coast dwellers.

Being an island, fish is among the staple food of the country, making fishing a common choice of livelihood for many. Deep sea fishing can take two forms – trawling and anchor fishing – both of which can be explored by the tourist. Trawling is the most common method of commercial fishing, where nets are used to catch a large amount of fish at once. Trawling on a motor boat in the middle of the ocean would give you a sense of what the locals experience on a daily basis, and provide you with a rare insight into the life of the fisher folk of the island. Anchor fishing, on the other hand, is a venture that requires much skill and patience. It is a method of using tackle to catch individual fish. The rush and excitement as you feel the tug of your first catch and the skills required to reel it in, all the time fighting with the deceptively calm waves will be an experience you are unlike to forget.

There are many places that offer deep sea fishing expeditions, including many of the Mirissa hotels. Ideal location to set off for deep sea fishing is from the breathtakingly beautiful harbour of Mirissa, so be sure to check with hotels in the vicinity like Sri Sharavi Beach Villas to see if you can sign up for a deep sea fishing expedition. With a wide range of game fish swimming amidst the warm currents of the deep blue waters of Indian Ocean, deep sea fishing at Mirissa is an activity that the experienced angler and the first-timers would enjoy alike.

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