Essential tips on planning a beach wedding – Tie the knot in style.


With the backdrop of the glorious waves and the golden sun setting into the horizon, the beach is the most romantic ambiance you can find for your fairytale wedding. Thailand, Sri Lanka and New Zealand are best places to have a beach wedding. However, beach weddings can be stressful and quite tricky.Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when planning the perfect beach wedding.

Pick the perfect spot

beach wedding reception
The location for your wedding determines everything, including the tone of your celebration, the budget and the volume of guests.

Get help

beach wedding decorations flowers
Most holiday destinations for couples with exotic beach resorts provide wedding facilities; these resorts often take care of all the little details including the decorations, catering, music seating and etc.

Do research

seating arrangements in weddings
A beach wedding takes a lot of work; you should put a lot of thought into the seating arrangements, center pieces, the wedding attire and etc. Thus, make sure you read up on wedding tips and the best wedding destinations on wedding magazines and blogs such as My Romantic Travel.

Take a trip

couples on the beach
It is crucial that you visit your wedding location at least once before the function as it is important to get a feel of how the celebration should be. This could be quite pricey; however, it is ideal when planning the perfect wedding.

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