Explore Old Friday Mosque – A culturally significant attraction in the Maldives!

A serene and tranquil place of worship where divinity and your soul meet! Visit the old Friday mosque in the Maldives for a unique spiritual experience.



Located in heart of the capital city of Maldives the Old Friday Mosque is one of the iconic attractions in the archipelago. Being a cornerstone of the Maldivian culture, the mosque is frequented by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The Architecture

The mosque’s entire exterior structure has been built using coral stones where intricate patterns have been chiselled. The interior is famed for its meticulous lacquer and woodworks and you will certainly be in for a treat if you do happen to visit this mosque.

Getting there

Visiting the mosque is easy if you are stationed at resort properties the likes of Faarufushi Maldives you can reach out to the front desk to know how to get to the capital; from there you can easily figure your way to the mosque. Stay and admire the immaculate beauty of the mosque and its architecture.

Things to remember

Non-Muslim visitors need to get permission from an official of the ministry of Islamic affairs to enter the mosque but if you are dressed conservatively and visiting the mosques outside prayer hours you might as well be granted permission to enter the mosque.

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