Exploring Bentota Sri Lanka – An adventurous place

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean that needs no introduction! The beauty of the island is brought out by its beige coloured sandy beaches and the rich culture along with the historical landmarks that lie here. Let’s take a look at what lies in Bentota which is a rather popular spot for both tourists and locals.

Bentota| Img by: Balou46  via  Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

Kande Vihara

This sacred temple is of great significance to the local people here. This place of worship is situated atop a hill. The highlight of the attraction is a colossal statue of Lord Buddha that sits in the centre of the compound.

Brief Gardens

Whether you are a plant lover or not, Brief Gardens is an awe-inspiring landscape masterpiece. The stunning five acres of land is rich in lush green vegetation and also wildlife. This beautiful garden was landscaped Exploring Bentota Sri Lanka – An adventurous place by none other than the well-known Sri Lankan artist, Bevis Bawa. If you are staying in a Bentota resort, the likes of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, take a break from the beach atmosphere to enjoy your leisure time here.

Check out life under water

This is for all the divers out there, one of the most awesome spots for diving is Bentota. Instead of just enjoying the sandy shores, why not venture right into the ocean to take a look at life under the deep blue sea? Head over to Canoe Rock or South Reef to get a glimpse of the vibrant corals and schools of fish that are down there.

Explore the Bentota River

Go on an expedition in Bentota, sail across the waters of Madu Ganga. Admire the mangroves on either side as you cruise along. What’s more, look closely and you may be able to spot some interesting creatures. All kinds of lizards and reptiles can be observed. There are many colourful birds to look out for too.




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