How to Plan a Trip to the Maldives – What to consider before departing on your trip

Consisting of over some of the best beaches in the world, 26 atolls to explore and 1,200 islands, the Maldives while being one of the top tourist destinations is a devout Muslim country.

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Here are tips to follow to avoid disrespecting local customs and traditions.

Highly religious country

You are expected to dress in modestly and respect the local traditions as the Maldives is inhabited by a large community of devout Muslims. If you stay at a hotel or resort similar to Faarufushi Maldives the dress code is relaxed as the only people you will meet are the friendly hotel staff and other guests of the hotel.

No alcohol allowed

Bringing in alcohol to the Maldives is strictly prohibited. You won’t be able to buy it anywhere in the city either. Your only option is to purchase it from the hotel or resort you’re staying at for marked up prices.

Plan your itinerary ahead

Most hotels and resorts in the Maldives are located on their own island. Making the only ways of transportation between the islands boat rides or seaplanes. By deciding on what you want to do before you leave you can easily reduce the cost of transport and also avoid the disappointment of not covering all the places you want to visit.

Bring your own gear

Renting the equipment from the hotel or resort that you’re staying or a dive shops can be quite expensive if you’re travelling on a budget. Bringing your own gear is a cheaper and better alternative.

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