The Beach Waterpark – Slide, Plunge, Splash and Float in a Tropical Paradise

Mason is a city in Ohio State of the USA nestled amidst the Midwestern States. It is a destination packed with fun filled activities offered via its amusement and theme parks, golf courses and water parks. One of the best water park attractions in Mason is The Beach Waterpark, resting around 20 minutes drive from Cincinnati. It has won accolades and high preferential ratings for being a family oriented water park that offers innovative concepts time after time.

The Beach Waterpark sprawls across 35 acres of tract, landscaped with a touch of tropical glamour. Its lush green expanse is speckled beautifully with white ocean sand, palm trees, cascades and rockworks. It even produces surf from authentic crashing waves bringing you closer to the heart of a tropical coastal paradise.

Among its top highlights and the most favoured rides is the Kahuna Beach Wavepool. Being one of the largest tropical beaches in Ohio it delights the visitors with a true tropical sensation. Aztec Adventure is a unique water coaster that raises your pulse to the beat of the thrill. For those who prefer fast paced action, do not miss the Typhoon Twist as it lets you travel at breakneck speeds for 1000 feet along a super thrilling super slide.

The longest among the slides at The Beach Waterpark is the Volcanic Panic. It covers scenic vistas while taking you along a thrill ride packed with twists and turns and even makes you airborne for a while surrounded by its water currents. For those who prefer sliding through tubes there is Watsui and Riptide. Emerald Bay is an attraction that welcomes all ages and includes several tubular rides among other attractions.

Counting an array of thrill rides and slides besides several irresistible attractions, the Beach Waterpark offers something truly exciting for everyone. The park also practices stringent safety measures at all times ensuring ultimate enjoyment, leaving you no trace for worries.

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