The Negombo Beach – A Tranquil Paradise

With sun kissed beaches and a laid -back environment, Negombo in Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation of serenity. Located just 7km away from the Bandaranaike International Airport, Negombo is frequently visited by tourists to this enticing island nation. This quaint town was captured by the Portuguese and Dutch in the 16th and 17th centuries, and to this day exhibits subtle influences in architecture, left behind by those long gone conquerors. You can find many Roman Catholic churches in Negombo which is also known as “Little Rome” of Sri Lanka.

 Negombo is well known for its white sandy beaches which charm all travellers alike. You can spend the day enjoying the lazy sea breeze and unwind under a palm tree, while gazing on the dazzling beauty of the Indian Ocean. If you are more adventurous then you can engage in scuba diving in the deep blue ocean. You will be treated to an amazing array of marine life among the waters of the Negombo lagoon. A shipwreck of almost 50 years in age lies beneath the calm waters acting as an artificial reef and is sure to add intrigue to your diving expedition. Boats and instructors can be easily hired through the many hotels which line the beach. As fishing is a major occupation in this town you will be able to catch more than a glimpse of fishermen busy with their daily tasks. It is extremely interesting to watch the fishing boats go in and return from the sea during the dawn as well as in the twilight hours. Closer to the lagoon mouth you will be amazed by the ancient ruins of a Dutch fort bearing the year 1678.

While visiting this coastal town you can definitely indulge in scrumptious sea food. Negombo is scattered with many restaurants which will offer you delightful dishes of a variety of seafood, including crabs and prawns. This is no surprise as Negombo is home to one of the largest fish markets in Sri Lanka.

There are expeditions where you get the opportunity to meet the fishermen and even go on a fishing trip with them into the lagoon and the ocean beyond. You can easily check into a Negombo beach hotel to commence your vacation of tranquillity. In your quest to find a hotel Negombo offers there is an array of options to choose from.Jetwing Seashells is one such placid retreat which offers you deluxe accommodation along with splendid restaurants and a relaxing spa.

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