The Spectacular Pasikudah Beach -Shallow waters and sunny days!

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The island of Sri Lanka is popularly known to be the island of paradise, complete with golden sandy beaches, blue warm waters of the Indian Ocean, lush tropical rainforests and over hundred species of wild animals. Travel to the east coast of Sri Lanka to discover unspoiled beaches and beautiful landscapes. With many east coast hotels in Sri Lanka to choose from, tourists are spoiled for choice with the variety available on offer here, such as Uga Bay.

The Pasikuda beach is considered to be the safest beach on the island, as you can usually wade in to the sea for kilometres and it would still be waist deep. With small waves, swimming is also possible in Pasikuda beach. The Pasikuda beach is located in the district of Batticaloa, which is approximately 300 kilometres from the city of Colombo. The beach is quite popular amongst tourists and locals during the day time, and should not be missed when visiting the island of Sri Lanka. Popular hotels and resorts are located along the stretch of this Pasikuda beach, a beautiful 2 kilometres stretch of soft sands, where hotels have a backdoor entrance to the golden sands and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Do keep in mind that Pasikuda beaches are often rough depending on the season, especially between the months of November to April, where the seas are not as calm as it generally would have been during the other months. Visit during the months of May to August for the best waters at Pasikuda beach.

With many resorts and hotels around, one can expect many water sports also conducted here, from jet skis, banana boats, snorkelling and even diving tours. Explore the beautiful coral and life under the sea with a pair of snorkels and be amazed with how much beauty Sri Lanka has to offer!

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