Things You Need to Know before Surfing in Southern Sri Lanka – The Best Destination for Your Surf Holiday

The Southside of Sri Lanka is home to the countries’ some of the beautiful beaches that are ideal for surfing. During the surf season the weather conditions and the waves are perfect and you just have to get into the water to ride the big swells. Here are some things that you should remember before plunging into the waters with your surfboard in the down south.

Decide where to surf

There are a number of surf destinations on the south side that is ideal for surfing in Sri Lanka. Some of them are Midigama, Hikkaduwa, Ahangama and Madiha. You can choose any of these locations to get the perfect surf experience but keep in mind that each destination has its different kinds of wave patterns as they are located on different shorelines. So do some research and decide the best which suits your taste. You can always find good hotels around these places like the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort if you are seeking for a surf vacation.

Things to bring with you

Remember that surfing is a common sport in the southern part of the country. So, you don’t need to carry or buy a new board you can always rent them in any surf shops but if you ride something unique, you can bring it in order to avoid disappointment. A good sunscreen is a must to carry with you, and some of the surf equipment is expensive so you can also bring the basics with you like surf wax and extra leashes.

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For beginners and newbies

If you are a beginner or if you have no experience in surfing you can join in for surf lessons, there are a number of surf schools on the beach and you can even get your own personal instructor it will cost you around 20$ along with the board. There is also a surf camp option for the hardcore surfers who are looking to spend an exciting surf holiday.

Visit on the right Time

The surf season starts during November and lasts till April and it is best that you visit here during November as the season goes on it tends to get more crowded and you can also enjoy lower rates as it is the beginning of the season.

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