A Visit to Negombo Beach – What Travellers can Expect

Negombo Beach, Image Credit: shatours

Negombo Beach, Image Credit: shatours

Negombo Beach is a popular destination among locals and foreign travellers. Its convenient location at just 10 kilometres from the International Airport makes the beach the perfect spot to recover from jetlag. Needless to say, the beauty of the beach and the ability to easily pick a great Negombo hotel to stay in makes it all the more desirable. Those who are staying at Hotel J Negombo will get to enjoy amazing rates and easy access to some of the most popular attractions in the area.

Negombo is one of the largest towns located on the island’s west coast. It became widely popular during the colonial era due to its abundance in wild cinnamon. The town centre still features well-preserved remnants of the Dutch reign, including the old fort, the old rest house and the famous Dutch canal. Among the most popular attractions in the town is the St. Mary’s Chutch located in the middle of the town. This is just one of the many other fascinating Roman Catholic churches found within the town. In addition to magnificent churches, the town also features colorful little shrines along the main roads.

The beach of Negombo is simply beautiful to say the least. Aside from the surf and the sand, the beach is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of local fishermen.

The fishermen in the town are famous for employing their distinctive “Oruwa” style boats which feature a small canoe attached to floats and topped by a large sail, to catch fish in the deep ocean. These boats have been around for centuries and make quite an interesting sight, early in the morning. In fact, fleets of thee Oruwa style boats on the beach are an iconic sight in the Negombo Beaches. The beaches of Negombo are not only home to diverse flora but also the island’s most highly renowned seafood. The large and juicy prawns, caught in the area are a popular offering at many of the restaurants located around the coast. Be sure to pay a visit to Duwa or the town centre to catch the daily fish auctions to watch the crowds haggling over massive piles of mullet, crabs, seerfish, tuna and other seafood.

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